Monday, July 14, 2008

Netflix on XBox 360 == Silverlight on XBox 360?

I'm really excited about today's announcement regarding Netflix streaming on XBox 360. I have an XBox 360 but I wasn't really impressed with the selection of movies and shows on XBox Marketplace - I'll definitely be signing up for Netflix once the XBox update rolls out. I don't care much about the content sharing part of the announcement though - why watch a movie together with friends when you aren't really together?

I'm not sure if you remember, but Netflix showed off a very slick Silverlight based streaming video player at Mix 07, that also included sharing. I wonder if this announcement means that Silverlight is coming to XBox 360. If it is, that would be very cool indeed. Can you imagine the kinds of applications that would now be possible to run on the XBox? The power of XNA and Silverlight could make XBox 360 a killer platform. It could also enable your XBox 360 to become part of your Live Mesh!

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