Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Post on The Live Mesh Blog, PDC 2008

I wrote a post on the Live Mesh Blog earlier today that talks about what I primarily work on - the Pub-Sub backend of Live Mesh. I briefly referenced that I worked in this space in a previous post where I commented on Apple's Push Notification announcements.

I've written tons of design documents, specs and tech summaries on the job but writing this post was an interesting exercise - I tried to make it readable for both the geeks and the regular folks in the audience (hence the references to the postal system). I'm not sure how well this will work... I guess feedback from the blog comments will be a good indicator of how effective the attempt was.

In addition to my awesomely smart teammates on the Live Mesh team, who I enjoy working with greatly, I wanted to send a shoutout to Tom who originally helped design a lot of the stuff described in the blog post.

For those who want more details about how stuff works behind the scenes, there are some Live Mesh related deep-dive sessions scheduled at PDC 2008. Sessions related to the Live Mesh backend architecture ("Live Services: Mesh Services Architecture and Concepts" by Abolade Gbadegesin) and backend communications services ("Live Services: Notifications, Awareness, and Communications" by John Macintyre) might be most interesting to those who were intrigued by my post on the Live Mesh Blog and are curious to know more. 

Unfortunately, I won't be attending PDC - I'll probably be busy chugging caffeine and fanning servers while thousands of new users give our new Live Mesh offerings a spin. :)

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Hi Viraj, I came across you Live Mesh blog post on MSDN and have a question for you: I have installed Live Mesh on my main desktop pc as I use that one to work in my home office, and also on my laptop as that one goes with me on my trips. Now every time I boot into my laptop (XP Home edition, Asus 1000H) I see at the top of the screen a RDP-like notification bar (semi transparent) for a second or so.l Is this part of Live Mesh or am I looking at a trojan or something? Couldn´t find anything by doing a virus & malware scan, so I gguess it is part of Live Mesh but would feel a lot better if you could confirm, thanks in advance.

Viraj Mody said...

Yes, it's part of Live Mesh.