Friday, January 16, 2009

A Run on the Bank of Microsoft?

Wow... did I just predict this? Yesterday, in my Problems at Facebook? post I referenced (somewhat jokingly) how I was kinda surprised that in the current economic conditions, the EU hadn't tapped into the Microsoft cash machine using some anti-trust excuse. Lo and behold, a few minutes ago Microsoft issued a press release in response to a 'Statement of Objections' it received from the EU about - you guessed it - European anti-trust law. Obviously, I had no knowledge of this when I posted yesterday - I'm just a foot soldier. The timing is a little spooky though... maybe I should muse of some good things happening. ;)

I wonder if this is the beginning of another run on the Bank of Microsoft by the EU...

Update: More coverage in the Wall Street Journal. This thing is probably going to go on for a while. Sigh!

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